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Agency Terms & Conditions


 This agreement is made on sign up time;


The Company BEH TRAVEL, hereinafter called the ““Tour Operator””


the Travel Agency,  hereinafter called the "Agent".


1.1. The Parties hereby agree as follows:

The Agent is independent and his purpose is to sell travel services such as: book the hotel rooms, book the sanatoriums and resort services, tour, destination local services, excursions and transport services from the “Tour Operator”.



2.1.2. To advertise the travel services of the “Tour Operator” at his expense.

2.1.2. Agent accepts such engagement and for the period herein specified agree to endeavor to find buyers for the travel services within its Territory. The Territory of the Agent shall not be limited.

2.1.3. To pay the “Tour Operator” for the agreed travel services after receiving the written confirmation in the appointed time (as per clause 4).

2.1.4. To pay the “Tour Operator” for the travel services according to its indicated rates but reduced by The Agent commission.

Tour package will calculate by following formula:
- 5% of Tour package fee (up to 20 persons per Tour package)
- 5.5% of Tour package fee
- 6% of Tour package fee

- 6.5% of Tour package fee

- 7% of Tour package fee
- 15% college course

- The commission does not apply offers prepared on The Agent request only for detailed group, time and number of persons, what has to be presented with a net price for The Agent.

 - Travel Insurance, Car rental, Event tickets, Entrance Fees and other services will calculate per case and get separately.

2.1.5. To notify the “Tour Operator” by passenger system about a cancellation of booking made by client.

2.1.6. To notify the “Tour Operator” about a claims made by the client within 15 days from the date after the termination of the travel service.

2.1.7. Not to use the “Tour Operator” advertisement and promotional materials and to advertise other tourist companies.

2.1.8. To provide the “Tour Operator” all the necessary documents concerning their cooperation.



2.2.1. To provide high quality travel services to the Agent.

2.2.2. To provide the Agent with materials, brochures and all necessary information concerning the travel services.

2.2.3. To notify the agent of any reservations as for using the “Tour Operator” and of any visa requirements before signing the agreement.


3.1. Booking requests shall be made by completing online Booking Form with full details of the client in agent account.

 3.2. All reservations are subject to availability. The “Tour Operator” is obliged to send a written confirmation or refusal according to the Agent within 48 hours of a previewed  booking.

3.3. The “Tour Operator” reserves the right to cancel the booking despite a written confirmation within 48 hours without giving a reason.

3.4. The “Tour Operator” regrets that if the payment is not received on time as per clause 4.1. may cancel the booking.

3.5. The “Tour Operator” reserves the right to alter the travel services which does not effect the standard and occupation. The “Tour Operator” will notify in writing and obtain binding acceptance of this change the Agent about the changes before selling the travel services.


4.1. The “Tour Operator” must receive 100% of all payment within Two (2) days after sending the written confirmation of visa.  

4.2. In case the “Tour Operator” is not getting the agreed amount from the Agent, his clients lose the right can not use the travel services.

4.3. When making the payment The Agent shall indicate the particular section of payment report of each passenger on agent account.

4.5. The Agent is obliged to don’t take any guarantee or money out of package price except by written confirmation from “Tour Operator”.


5.1. The Agent must accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under agent name or account.

5.2. If the Agent cancels the reservation the “Tour Operator” has to apply the following cancellation rules:

- booking date to 45 days before arrival date – 50 % loss of the total price of the travel services.

- less than one month before arrival date – 100 % of the total price of the travel services.

5.3. When Agent cancels any reservation, commission for this reservation does not take effect.   

5.4. The “Tour Operator” can apply additional charges to the Agent prior to selling the travel services.


6.1. In the case of partial or complete breech of contract, caused by unforeseeable events such as fire, war, natural disaster, or any other acts of God, as well as legal actions taken by the state, which may have an impact on the fulfillment of the contract the parties are not responsible for this agreement.

6.2. In the event of unforeseen forces the “Tour Operator” reimburses all the funds except for its actual expenses incurred till the moment they have occurred.

  1. The Party which is unable to fulfill its responsibilities because of the unforeseen forces is obliged to inform the other party immediately but not later than 3 days from the moment the unforeseen forces has occurred. Failure to inform the other Party about the unforeseen forces the agreement shall remain in full forces and effect it does not release the liabilities for this agreement.


7.1.  This agreement comes into force on the date of sign.

7.2.  This agreement is initially made for 1 year.

7.3.  Either party can notify in writing the other at least 3 month notice that they do not  want to continue.

7.3. Either party can terminate this agreement with immediate effect when:

       7.3.1. The other party hasn’t fulfilled the duties of the agreement.

       7.3.2. The party falls short of payment after 30 days.

       7.3.3. One party has no means of payment or is declared bankrupt.

7.4. Termination. In the event of sudden termination of this agreement under this or any other provision of this agreement, there shall be no liability of any party to this Agreement, all financial means will be credited the “Tour Operator”.


8. 1. Alternations to this agreement have to be made in writing and signed by both parities to become valid. No oral supplementary agreement is valid.

8.2. This Agreement shall be governed, construed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with the Ontario, Canada Laws.

8.3. Any dispute or matters which arise between the Agent and The “Tour Operator” will be dealt  by the Ontario Court.


9.1. Both contractual parties confirm that they have received a written copy of this agreement.